2354 NY State Route 434 Apalachin, NY 13732 607.687.0123
  • 911 Memorial at Hickories Park

    911 Memorial at Hickories Park

  • Welcome to the Town Of Owego

    Welcome to the Town Of Owego

  • Susquehanna River

    Susquehanna River

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  • Country Road

    Country Road

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  • Farmland


    Photo by Justin Ennis

  • Snowflakes


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  • A Seat In Hickories Park

    A Seat In Hickories Park

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  • Coolest Small Town

    Coolest Small Town

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  • Tioga County Courthouse

    Tioga County Courthouse

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  • Evergreen Cemetery Overlook

    Evergreen Cemetery Overlook

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  • Foliage


    Photo by Justin Ennis

Important Announcements

Announcements in regards to school closures, road closures, cancellations, emergencies and events will be posted here.

x Announcement – Press Release – Recent Weather events 7/8/21

x Announcement – Seasonal Laborers Needed for 2021 Season

x See here for new info on Tioga County Arts Council’s six-part summer Concerts in the Park series!

x See here for new info on Tioga County Arts Council’s six-part summer Concerts in the Park series!

xHighway Department Press Release

xTire Cleanup Flyer 2021

xTown of Owego Press Release April 29, 2021
Town Resident Yard Waste Drop off Location: Beginning May 1st thru October 16th, Town of Owego residents will be able to drop off yard waste at the Town’s property located on Kuenzli Road in Apalachin.  Located off Main Street in Apalachin, if traveling eastbound, Kuenzli Road is the first right turn after Billings Road or if traveling westbound, it is the first left turn after crossing the Apalachin Creek. Hours will be: 6-8 PM Wednesdays, and 8-1 PM Saturdays. There will be predetermined areas for different materials. What can be dropped off? Tree limbs, brush, branches, grass clippings, leaves (brought in bags) Bags must be emptied and taken away. No garbage of any kind may be left. 

xTo report downed trees across power lines, contact NYSEG directly at (800) 572-1111.  Please give them the street address or closest pole number.  Call 911 if there is any arcing, fire, sparking, etc. or call NYSEG’s emergency electrical line at (800) 572-1131.  DO NOT CALL THE TOWN OF OWEGO.  This will only slow the process of resolving the situation.

xPlease be aware of the procedure for using the Town of Owego Virtual Court System.
When you click here, the link for the Virtual Court, you will maintain the same rights as if you have appeared in person.  You will be directed to the Skype for business meeting and you will go directly to the lobby portion of the meeting. Your name will appear in the order in which you logged into the meeting.  Please wait in the lobby portion that you were directed to and the judge will call your case in the order you logged in.  Please be patient as this may take some time depending on how many people are ahead of you.  Once your case is called by the court, you will have the opportunity to enter a guilty or not guilty plea.  If you enter a guilty plea, you will be assessed a mandatory State surcharge and a fine applicable to the charge for which you were given a ticket.  If you enter a NOT GUILTY plea, you will be given an opportunity to discuss a possible reduction to the charge with the District Attorney or will be offered the option to take the case to trial.  If a trial is requested, you can either come to Court OR the Court can conduct a BENCH trial virtually where you will have the opportunity to present your case to the Court and a decision will be made by the Court.  As ALWAYS, the Court is here to ensure a fair playing field  for ALL parties and weigh the merits of your case individually.  You may join by phone at 1+(347)378-4143.  The conference number is 771937087

xPlease click link to view / download an update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19 Virus)

xCORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF – Click here for a link to the press release from the Tioga County Public Health Department  with information and updates on the Coronavirus.  Click this link to the  Tioga County Public Health Department webpage for daily updates.  Click this link to view archived press releases concerning COVID-19.  

x STREET LIGHT OUT in the Town of Owego?  Do not contact NYSEG.  Report it to the Town of Owego.  Make note the pole number and closest address.  Then contact the Town of Owego by phone at(607) 972-6077 or email us at townstreetlighting@townofowego.com.  When emailing or calling, please include your name, address, phone number, Town of Owego ID# located on the pole and briefly describe the problem with the light.  If you cannot find the pole number, please include the address closest to the affected pole.

xThe back door of the Town Hall is not accessible to the public.  Please use front door.  NO PETS (except service dogs) allowed in the Town Hall as of July 16, 2013

General Announcements

    Welcome to the Town of Owego

    by Town Supervisor Donald Castellucci, Jr.

    The Town of Owego is located in Tioga County, in the Southern Tier and was established in 1800.  It has a tradition rich in Indian heritage.  Owego is the largest Town in the County and the Village of Owego is the County seat.  The Town is divided into the north and south sides by The Susquehanna River.  While most days that is a nice attraction, in 2006 and 2011 the area was hit by devastating floods.  There are several hamlets located within its borders which give its residents several community identities throughout the town.

    The Town has a history rich in agriculture and farming.   Within the Town there are many small businesses and corporations.   Most notable are the small shops and stores located in the Village as well as CYNOG, a natural gas storage facility, a state of the art recycling center and Lockheed Martin the area’s largest private employer.  Lockheed Martin along with its partner Sikorsky was just awarded a large contract to build the next generation of presidential helicopters.  The Lockheed facility has been instrumental in many national defense priorities over the past few decades.  It is a proud moment for our community and its many hard working employees to be associated with many important national objectives.

    One of the most famous incidents in Town history happened in Apalachin, November 14, 1957.  A meeting was held at the home of Joseph Barbara Sr. along with over 50 other Mafia leaders.  The FBI and police raided the meeting dispersing many attendees into the woods.  When the day was over several individuals were arrested and prosecuted locally.

    There is always something to do in the Town and we cater to all ages.  Tioga Downs Racino is just 15 minutes away! There are summer reading programs at the libraries, art walks, farmers markets, musical entertainment for children and adults, our children’s summer camp is held at Waterman Conservation Center and the famous Strawberry Festival that attracts over 20,000 people annually.  We have well organized sports leagues, travel and local, that showcases our youths’ talents on the sports fields. The Tioga County Historical Museum and the refurbished Tioga County Veteran’s War Memorial are a must see.  Kayaking, water skiing and fishing are all part of the Town experience as well.

    I hope this short insight into the Town of Owego will encourage you to stop by and enjoy what the residents here get to experience each day.  The peaceful balance of rural, residential and business neighborhoods combined with many activities for all to experience which makes the Town of Owego a great place to live. If you have the opportunity to drop in, join us!

    NY State Senate, Assembly and US Senate and Congress

    Ever wonder what district you live in or who represents you in government?  This link will bring you directly to the NYS Board of Elections.  Simply type in your address and it will give you all the information.  You can then click and be directly linked to your representative’s website.  Click Here

    2021 Final Assessment Role
    2021 Tentative Assessment Role


    -2010 Census- Town of Owego Population including village is 19,883
    -Village Population is 3,896
    -Town is 106 Square Miles

    Click Here to view more facts from the Census Data