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Assessor’s Office Information

  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00AM to 4:30PM
  •  Phone: (607) 687-0123 Dept #1
  • Fax: (607) 687-3786


The Assessor is responsible for maintaining the property records for all real property within the Town of Owego.  Real Property is defined as the land and all things attached to the land.  The job of the Assessor is to ensure that each property in the Town of Owego is equitably assessed so that the owner pays no more than his or her fair share of the tax levy.  The Assessor does not establish tax rates.  The rates are determined by the budgets of your local Village, Town, and County municipalities. For information regarding New York State’s new income limit for Basic STAR Exemption click here.

2021 Final Assessment Roll
2021 Tentative Assessment Roll

Click here for the RPS 5217 Merge Request Form

Exemption Applications:

All exemption applications must be filed by March 1st of every year – Taxable Status Date

Assessor’s Office FAQs

When is the deadline for submitting my exemption application?
The deadline for all exemption applications is March 1st of each year.
What can I submit as proof of residency when applying for certain exemption?
This office accepts various forms of proof of residency such as your driver’s license, or a piece of mail – such as a utility bill – mailed to you at your new address.
Why do I have to submit proof of residency?
The reason why we ask for this is because New York State requires that Star exemptions, veteran’s exemptions, senior exemptions, etc. only be granted on the property where you actually reside, your primary residence.  Many people own multiple properties but only one of them is considered to be your primary residence and is eligible for certain exemptions.
Can I submit my exemption application at any time during the year?
Yes, we collect exemption applications throughout the year.  However, March 1st is the deadline for that year’s assessment file.
I closed on my house but my tax bill still came in the previous owner’s name. Why did this happen?
Each year the Tioga County Office of Real Property Tax Services uses our assessment file to print the Village, school, and Town & County tax bills.  The printing is done about 3-4 weeks before the bills are mailed out.  If the deed for the property is filed close to the time of the printing, there isn’t enough time to get the files updated so that the new owner’s name appears on the bill.  Always feel free to contact this office if you have a question about your property records.

Local Staff

Assessor: Cheri Grenier

Cheri Grenier is the Assessor for the Town of Owego.  She was appointed by the Town Board as acting Assessor on June 21, 2016 due to the retirement of the previous Assessor on July 1, 2016.

Assessment Clerk: JulAnn Howrilka

Equalization Rate:

  • 2020 NYS established Equalization Rate is 68.0%
  • The Equalization Rate is the ratio of assessed value to market value.
  • To read more about the Equalization Rate: Click Here
  • To check your assessment: Click Here

Grievance Information:

  • What to do if you disagree with your assessment:
    • The application contained in this pamphlet must be completed in order to request an appointment with the Owego Board of Assessment Review. For more information and for the application Click Here
    • The BAR (Board of Assessment Review) meets on Grievance Day which is the fourth Tuesday of May every year.
  • For general information about assessments Click Here

Board of Assessment Review

Donald Conning – Chairman

Edward Harrison

Daniel Cacciaglia

Martin Murphy

Orville Wright