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Town Clerk & Tax Receiver

xCORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF – Click here for a link to the press release from the Tioga County Public Health Department  with information and updates on the Coronavirus.

xFOIL REQUESTS – NOTICE:  In light of New York State’s reduction in workforce as part of the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be delays in response to FOIL requests.  Thank you for your patience during this extraordinary time.

x The Town Clerk now has a drop box for payments.  It is located on the right side of the main entry.  When depositing payments, please ensure that your bill is included and that you put it in a sealed envelope.  DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH INTO THE BOX!  See the posted instructions.

x Revised Town of Owego Emergency Plan – 2/2/2016 – Click here to view 

x Hyper-Reach can be accessed on the Tioga County Website and you can be contacted in an emergency www.tiogacountyny.com.  See Hyper-Reach direction at the end of the Town’s emergency plan

x There will be no marriage licenses issued after 4:00pm

Town Information

2354 State Route 434 – Apalachin, NY 13732

  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00AM to 4:30PM
  •  Town Phone: (607) 687-0123 Dept #2
  • Town Fax: (607) 687-6381

 On-line Payments Now Available for Town & County Taxes

The Town of Owego is please to announce that the Clerk’s office is now set up to accept on-line tax payments.  Click here to view / download entire notice with instructions and fees.

General Information

Dog Licensing - Application & General Information
  • Dog License Application – Click to View or Download
  • Proof of current Rabies Vaccination is required for the original license and each time the license is renewed if the vaccination expires within thirty days of the issuing the license
  • Spay or Neutering Certificates must be furnished in order to obtain the reduced license fee. If a dog is originally licensed as unspayed or unneutered, the certificate is required for future renewals
  • Please update your phone number anytime a change occurs
  • Please report any change in the dog’s status RE: death, transfer of ownership, change of address etc.
  • The first tag you receive when you originally license your dog is the dog’s permanent ID number. Lost tags may be replaced at anytime at a cost of $3.00
  • Licenses are effective one year from the date of issuance. Licenses cannot be issued in advanced
  • Renewals are issued by the Owego Town Clerk.  You may either bring it in or mail it to the Town of Owego Clerk’s office
Sporting License
  • For NYS residents’ proof of residency is required for each year the license is purchased. Residency proof: current NYS Driver’s, Voter registration card, one month of utility bills (electric, phone, cable) or one month of pay stubs with your home address not a post office box
  • Hunter Safety courses or a previous big game licenses are required for proof of hunting qualifications
  • Pennsylvania Bow Hunter licenses are valid proof of qualifications in NYS
  • Back Tags are not proof of hunter qualifications
Birth/Death/Marriage Records - General Information
  • Genealogical searches are performed by Town Clerk Staff members ONLY. Records are not available for public inspection.
    • Birth Records are available to: the person named on the birth certificate (if 18 years or older) or the parents named on the birth certificate. Birth records for other than genealogical purposes are available for legally documented reasons if requested by someone other than the person or parents named on the certificate. Legal Guardians not named on the certificate must provide court certified legal guardian papers.
    • Death Records are available to: The spouse, parent or child of the deceased. Death Records for other than genealogical purposes are available for legally documented reasons if requested by someone other than parent, spouse or child of the deceased.
    • Marriage records are available to the bride or groom only. Marriage Records for other than genealogical purposes are available for legally documented reasons if requested by someone other than the bride or groom
  • Information found as a result of a genealogical search is available after the following time table:
    • Birth – 75 years after person is suspected of being deceased
    • Death – 50 years after person is known to be deceased
    • Marriage – 50 years after both bride and groom are believed to be deceased.
  • Searches are performed as time allows and is dependent upon what information is provided at the time of the request. Searches covering time spans of five or more years require more time.
  • No verifications will be given over the phone or in person without adequate proof of identity and the necessity of access to the record.
  • Written requests must be notarized and accompanied with photo identification.
  • Vital Records are not subject to the NYS Freedom of Information Law.
Gaming Licenses

Bingo, Bell Jar, Raffles and Games of Chance

  • All organizations needing a Gaming License need to file with the NYS Racing & Wagering Board and obtain an identification number prior to applying for a license. All forms can be downloaded from the NYS Racing & Wagering Web Site.
  • Organizations conducting a raffle should have a number but are not required to obtain a license unless the value of the raffle award exceeds $25,000.00
  • All licenses must be issued a minimum of three weeks prior to the event
Concession Permits
  • Concession Permits are $10.00 per occasion. All applicants selling food must have a Health Certificate from the Tioga County Health Department (687-8565) prior to applying for a permit. This permit is only in effect in the Hickories Park. The Parks Superintendent has the right to limit the area where the permit holder is selling his/her services. Stipulations if any should be researched prior to applying by calling the Park Superintendent at 687-1199. No refund will be issued under any circumstances.
Peddler Permits
  • Peddler permits are valid outside of the Village and the Hickories Park. These permits allow door to door solicitation. Applications are available in the Town Clerk’s office. All peddlers must provide the make and model of all vehicles being used. All solicitors must have photo identification filed with the permit. The Clerk will issue one permit. Copies need to be made for all solicitors and presented upon request. The fee is ten dollars and is not prorated during the year. All permits expire at Midnight on December 31.
Water and Sewer Payments - General Information

(For properties located outside the Village of Owego)

  • Payments are accepted in person or by mailing to the Town of Owego, 2354 State Route 434, Apalachin, NY 13732.
  • When paying in person, please bring the complete bill, the usage portion will be stamped and is your receipt. When paying by mail, your cancelled check will serve as your receipt.
  • Currently only checks, money orders and cash are acceptable payments. Debit and Credit Cards are not accepted at this time.
  • All invoices for the current year must be paid prior to or on September 30. Any billed service prior to September 30 will be re-levied on the Town and County Tax bill for the property.
  • If you use a service to make your payments, make sure you have the account number and property address included on the check. Unidentifiable payments will be returned to the source.
Town and County Tax Payments - General Information
  • Town and County Tax Notices are usually mailed to the property owners and lending institutions by December 30. Taxpayers who do not have an escrow account and do not receive their notice by the second week of January are advised to contact the Town Clerk/Tax Receivers office for an additional copy. Taxpayers may click on the link for the current year’s taxes and either re-print a bill or a receipt.
  • Currently only checks, money orders and cash are acceptable payments. Debit and Credit Cards are not accepted at this time.
  • When the end of the month falls on a weekend, payments made on the following first business day will be accepted by postmark and in person.
  • Only legible postmarks made by the US Postal Service are used to determine when a payment was mailed. Dates printed by non US Postal machines are not acceptable proof.
  • NYS Real Property Tax law states that the taxes are due whether or not the property owner receives the tax notice.
  • Payments must be made in full. No partial payments will be accepted.
  • The final date for payment is April 30. All remaining unpaid bills will be returned to the Tioga County Treasurer.
  • The tax information on the website only reflects payment made up to and including April 30th. Taxes paid after April 30th, are not posted since they are collected by the Tioga County Treasurer.
  • Please return the ENTIRE BILL with your payment

Clerk’s Office FAQs

Who do I contact for recycling and what is the phone number?
Southern Tier Recyclers 687-6710 or 1-800-927-2323 for a new bin
What are the local trash pick –up companies?
  • Taylor Garbage 797-5277
  • Hanbury 687-3865
  • Lee’s Sanitary 659-7520
  • Owego Sanitation 687-3283
Where are my divorce papers filed?
County Clerk
Where do I get a business license or DBA?
County Clerk
Does NYS require documentation for on-line ordained wedding officiants?
Where is the Water/Utility department located?
1319 Main Street in Apalachin
When are taxes due?
Town & County – January 31st, Village – August 31st, School- October 31st
How can I get copies of my school tax receipts?
Call your district or go to www.taxlookup.net and follow the prompts
How can I register to vote or get an absentee ballot?
Contact the Board of Elections
When are the Town Board meetings?
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
How do I rent a pavilion at Hickories Park?
Contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 687-0123 ext. 6
How do I sign up for Hunter Education courses?
Contact Cooperative Extension
Phone numbers for
County Treasurer 687-8670
County Clerk 687-8660
DMV 687-8250
Village Clerk 687-3555
School Taxes –  Owego-Apalachin 687-6317, Newark Valley 642-3221, Vestal & Union Endicott 786-8554 ext. 202 or Ext# 243
Post Offices Owego 687-0661, Apalachin 625-2414
Board of Elections 687-8261
Family Court 687-1730
Social Services 687-8300
Chamber of Commerce 687-2020
Cooperative Extension 687-4020


Mary C. Kennedy – Town Clerk / Receiver of Taxes / Registrar of Vital Statistics

It is my honor to be elected by the Town of Owego residents to serve as Town Clerk.  As Town Clerk, I work daily to serve the residents of the Town of Owego in a variety of ways:

  • issue and renew dog licenses
  • issue marriage licenses & certificates
  • receive water/sewer rents
  • sell all types of sporting licenses
  • sell peddler and concession permits

As Registrar of Vital Statistics, I:

  • issue birth and death certificates
  • issue subsequent marriage certificates

As your Tax Receiver I:

  • distribute Town and County Property Tax bills to residents and the banks for residents with escrow accounts
  • receive tax payments made by residents and banks
  • return all unpaid taxes by April 30th to the County Treasurer
  • distribute all paid tax money to the proper authorities and subsequent balancing of record keeping books
  • receive water rates and sewer rents payable to the Town

To make an online payment, view payment status and print tax receipt, click on the following link: Town of Owego 2021  – Town & County Bill Information

It is my pleasure to perform these duties for the town in which I was raised!

Laura Burt – Deputy Clerk and Tax Receiver

Assist in fulfilling clerk’s duties.

Downloadable & Printable Documents

Handicap Parking Tag Application

Guidelines for Applying for Marriage License |Marriage License

Application to Town/County Clerk for Copy of Marriage Record

Application to Local Registrar for Copy of Birth Record

Application to Local Registrar for Copy of Death Record

NYS Committee on Open Government

FOIL Application (Freedom Of Information Request)

Dog Licensing Application & General Information

Kennel v.s Purebred Licenses

Helpful Internet Websites

NYS Department of Health-Vital Records

NYS Committee on Open Government

NYS Racing & Wagering